Social Media

Connect with Your Customers

Part of meeting new customers and clients, is to be where they are. You can't meet people if you're not in the same space as them.

Translating that to digital, your customers are nearly all on social media, sharing their thoughts, intersts, and quite a lot of the time - what they had for lunch.

If you aren't out there in social-space with them, then how will they ever come over and say "hi"?

There are a hoard of people who are openly speaking online about problems they're having, problems that your product or service could be the solution to, so let's go find them.

Build Your Community

Show off your expertise online, give away free advice, help people, improve the value of their lives - and they will come back to you.

Speak to your ideal client, your business avatar, and they will find you online.

Build up a community of people interested in your marketplace, interact with them, respond to customer service requests in front of other future customers, it all reinforces your personality.

Selling racing bikes? Tweet about #TourDeFrance.
Selling cars? Tweet about #TopGear.
Be human - because your clients probably are!

Reach out, and grow

We work with our clients to build clever, appropriate, social media campaigns, which engage people interested in their industry.

We'll enforce your brand, show off your expertise, and track and optimise our efforts to respond to what's working best in your space, and concentrate our efforts.

Reach new clients in their own space, and nurture relationships with existing ones.