Accessible CMS for Just B.U.

Just B.U. are a CIC organisation that specialise in the care of adults with learning disabilities.

Justin and the team arrange bespoke packages for each member of their service and strive to provide an excellent service; in which they are very successful.

They approached us back in the early days of our company to build a website that was very accessible, as their service users have technical skill levels of varying degrees. As such, we delivered a platform that was accessible on all devices, especially with iPad in mind – as these are what Just B.U. have available for their users to interact with during their time there.

Recently the organisation returned for an upgrade. They wanted to engage their service users on their new Enable IT project; where they encourage the use of computers and iPads in a controlled environment. Justin wanted the members to be able to write and share their own news articles as part of a members blog, and also wanted to be able to share videos, events, and company news with the public.

Be Safe Online

To protect their service users we came up with the idea of creating a verification based publishing platform for the members. When an article is posted in the member interface, the team are notified via email. The management can then log in, vet the article, and then approve the article for publication on the website at Just B.U.

This allows the service users complete freedom of speech, whilst still protecting them from the possible dangers of posting online, such as the accidental sharing of sensitive information, or other modes of putting them in danger online.


As the members are of varying levels of IT skill we needed to create an interface that was simple to use, whilst not hindering creativity.

The interface we designed was created with iPad use in mind, as this is the technology that Just B.U. make available to its members. So we made an interface with large, clear, buttons, which are nicely labeled to give clarity when people are using the platform.

Just B.U. Members Area

Absolute clarity on member area options, making it easy to use for all IT skill levels.

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